Experienced teacher trainer – online and face to face

With extensive experience in pre-service and in-service teacher training I can offer anything from individual workshops to bespoke training courses. My experience includes face-to-face as well as online training, and I regularly collaborate with other teacher training organizations.

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Case Study – Online trainer with The Consultants-E

Since 2005 I have been training teachers around the world in effective online instruction. I am a tutor with the online training ‘E-moderation skills’ course, one of the most popular courses by TheConsultants-E. This is a month-long course that is repeated at various times in the year.

“An experienced and well-qualified online tutor, he consistently receives excellent feedback from course participants. Lindsay has also been involved in regular reviews and updates of our E-moderation course.”—Nicky Hockly, Director of TheConsultants-E

Case Study – Diploma Trainer and online course designer, Oxford TEFL Barcelona

In 2004 I helped design and build the first online course for the Trinity Licenciate Diploma in TESOL, at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona. This involved putting the syllabus into a distance mode of delivery, preparing the proposal, task design for online instruction and initial preparation of the team of tutors for this course which is still running strong ten years later. I currently act as a tutor on this course.

“As a high profile ELT writer Lindsay has immediate credibility as a tutor, but importantly he is also a great trainer. He takes a personal interest in his trainees, creates dynamic activities and provides constructive feedback, challenging his trainees to develop to their maximum.” – Duncan Foord, Director of Oxford TEFL.


Current courses

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Barcelona, Spain Oxford TEFL Diploma Course. An advanced, internationally recognized qualification for English teachers. Learn more – http://www.oxfordtefl.com/oxford-tefl-courses/dip-tesol/
Online E-moderation Skills. This course is aimed at teachers, trainers, tutors, facilitators, lecturers and mentors from any discipline and any level of education, who are interested in developing the skills necessary to become an effective e-moderator in online courses. Learn more – http://theconsultants-e.com/training/courses/e-moderation.aspx

EVO – Crafting the Perfect eTextbook. This open online course with Electronic Village Online has authors, material writers, teacher trainers, and 100s of teachers around the world working to create an etextbook to fit their class needs. Free. See http://ebookevo.pbworks.com/w/page/70262228/Welcome

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