English for the Alien Invasion is now out! (13th May, 2016)

They’re here! English for the Alien Invasion is an e-book for learning to communicate in English during an alien invasion of the Earth. Units include Making Contact, Calling the President, Meeting the Alien Leader, Escaping and others. The book is suitable for beginner level learners of English, and will come with audio and a set… Continue reading →

Skillful – my latest book on academic skills now available! (3rd February, 2014)

This week my latest book Skillful Advanced is finally out! Actually, the proper name is Skillful Listening and Speaking 4, and it completes the Macmillan Skillful series of academic skills titles. Here’s what the website says: Every student needs top class reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to succeed at an academic level; Skillful focuses… Continue reading →

Train with me online in 2014 (17th December, 2013)

This week there are two courses I’ll be training on that are now open for signups: the EVO textbook course and the Consultants-E Emoderation course. I thought I’d take a moment to give a little plug to each of them. Almost since I had become active online I had heard about EVO, the Electronic Village… Continue reading →

It’s been some time coming… (31st October, 2013)

After more than ten years of writing, training and speaking at conferences around the world the time has come, I think, to have a central place for my “stuff” on the web. There are two main reasons for this site. I used to have an page with my contact details, a sort of virtual… Continue reading →