It’s been some time coming…

Published by Lindsay Clandfield on 31st October, 2013.

After more than ten years of writing, training and speaking at conferences around the world the time has come, I think, to have a central place for my “stuff” on the web.

There are two main reasons for this site. I used to have an page with my contact details, a sort of virtual business card. But people never seemed to find me there. It was also hard to remember the web address ( no. no.… ah yes). The most straightforward and easy address was, apart from the fact that my name is often a nightmare for people to spell.

People can and do get in touch with me easily through my Facebook page, but you have to be on Facebook already to do that. The other main place I would get emails from people trying to contact me was on my old blog Six Things. But those emails didn’t always reach me, and that blog is now more of a museum of posts than anything live. So it was time for an easy to share and easy to find place.

The second reason was to take stock of my writing portfolio. In my training and teaching I have often exhorted the value of creating a portfolio of work and yet the one I had was over twelve years old and pre-dated any of my books. Plus I could never find a way of displaying them that I liked. When I approached Mark Bain, the designer behind the round’s website, about doing a site for me I know he would come up with something simple and clear and easy to see.

Finally, this site is the place to find me if you would like me to speak at your conference or do a training course with me. I get many requests for this kind of work, which I really enjoy. So please check out the trainer and speaker pages and get in touch if you’d like me to come to your conference!

Thanks for stopping by.



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